GST EP is a high performance anti-wear turbine fluid designed for use primarily in industrial gas and steam turbines, including those with reduction gear systems.

  • GST® Premium 32

    GST Premium 32 is a super high performance turbine lubricant designed to promote high level thermal and oxidation stability. It is approved for Mitsubishi Heavy Industries MS04-MA-CL002, and is suitable for use in both gas and steam turbines where extreme temperatures are experienced and require circulation systems with exceptional high temperature stability.

  • Rando® WM 32

    Rando WM 32 is a high performance multigrade hydraulic fluid designed for use in wind turbine systems and a wide range of other applications. Rando WM 32 offers high level protection and performance under severe operating conditions.

  • Regal® EP

    Regal EP is a steam, hydraulic and gas turbine oil formulated with highly refined paraffinic base oils and an ashless additive package, offering good oxidation stability, corrosion resistance and anti-wear performance.

  • Regal® SGT 22

    Regal SGT 22 is an ultra high performance synthetic industrial and marine gas turbine lubricant designed for use in aero-derivative gas turbines in stationary or marine service.