• Chain Lubricant 680

    Chain Lubricant 680 is an efficient performance chain lubricant and maintenance oil suitable for use with a wide range of chains. Chain Lubricant 680’s high adhesion and lubricity characteristics help reduce energy loss, friction and wear under high loads, and assist in reducing rust and corrosion.

  • Clarity® Synthetic EA Gear Oil

    Clarity Synthetic EA Gear Oil is a high performance synthetic biodegradable gear oil, formulated to meet Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Vessel General Permit (VGP) requirements for environmentally acceptable lubricants.

  • Meropa®

    The Texaco Meropa range of premium industrial EP gear lubricants provide very high wear protection and exceptional load-carrying capacity as well as protection against shock loads and micro-pitting. Meropa industrial gear lubricants are designed to protect a wide variety of heavy-duty gear systems and bearings.

  • Meropa® MG

    Meropa MG is a range of high performance extreme pressure (EP) gear oils suitable for many types of industrial and marine geared and non-geared lubrication systems. Meropa MG gear oils are designed for marine transmissions with wet clutches, and applications which require an Ortlinghaus approval.

  • Meropa® Synthetic EP

    Meropa Synthetic EP is a range of high performance synthetic extreme pressure (EP) gear and circulating oils, designed for use in a wide range of industrial equipment operating under severe conditions, such as in high temperature heavy and/or shock load situations.

  • Meropa® WM

    Meropa WM is a high performance industrial gear lubricant designed to promote wear protection in enclosed gears and other equipment operating under high load and high shock load conditions and offers robust micropitting protection.

  • Meropa® XL

    Meropa XL are high performance extreme pressure gear oils, offering high load carrying capacity and robust micropitting wear protection. They are designed for use in many industrial and marine geared and non-geared systems, where extreme load and shock load protection is required.