• Chain Lubricant 680

    Chain Lubricant 680 is an efficient performance chain lubricant and maintenance oil suitable for use with a wide range of chains. Chain Lubricant 680’s high adhesion and lubricity characteristics help reduce energy loss, friction and wear under high loads, and assist in reducing rust and corrosion.

  • Coupling Grease

    Coupling Grease is a high performance grease, with a lithium soap/polymer thickener, which offers a high resistance to separation under the high centrifugal forces found in couplings.

  • Metal Protective Oil L

    Metal Protective Oil L is a high performance mineral based preventive oil in combination with a range of additives, including rust and corrosion inhibitors, designed to provide a thin, tight, protective film over steel components in storage or transit.

  • Multifak® 142

    Multifak 142 is an efficient performance lithium grease, formulated with ISO 110 mineral base oils, combined with oxidation and corrosion inhibitors, and anti-wear additives.

  • Omnis® 220

    Omnis 220 is formulated with Group I solvent refined paraffinic mineral oil and is designed for a range of lubricating, process and diesel/gas engine oil applications.

  • Rust Proof Compound L

    Rust Proof Compound L is a proven performance calcium soap of an oxidised wax, which is cut back to 60 % solids using a +72°C to +80°C flashpoint aliphatic solvent. It is formulated to meet the requirements of MIL-C-16173D-4 and associated specifications for automotive cavity protection.

  • Rust Proof Oil TB

    Rust Proof Oil TB is an efficient performance mineral based rust preventative oil. It is a low viscosity fluid formulated to cover metal surfaces with a thin, tight, transparent film containing inhibitor additives which assist with effective rust and corrosion protection.

  • Texaform® CR

    Texaform CR 3 is a proven performance chemically reactive concrete mould oil. The chemically reactive fatty acid and fatty oil compounds within Texaform CR 3 react with the alkali in concrete to form water soluble soaps, which help provide easier demoulding.

  • Texaform® PR

    Texaform PR is a proven performance partially reactive concrete mould oil, formulated to contribute to good direct and indirect demoulding performance.

  • Texatherm®

    Texatherm is a proven performance industrial heat transfer oil formulated for use in both closed and open heat transfer systems with forced circulation. Texatherm is formulated with highly refined, thermally stable paraffinic petroleum oil and offers clean and energy efficient system operation.

  • Texatherm® HT 22

    Texatherm HT 22 is a high performance synthetic heat transfer fluid, with a wide operating temperature range capability of between -45°C and +290°C. Texatherm HT 22 is formulated with narrow cut high boiling alkylated aromatic hydrocarbons, and is designed for use in closed heat transfer systems.

  • Texnap®

    Texnap are solvent refined and hydrofinished naphthenic distillate oils.

  • Texpar®

    Texpar are next generation effective performance process oils, formulated with base oils containing extremely low levels of sulphur, nitrogen and aromatic content, promoting both thermal and oxidation stability.

  • Texpar® CNO

    Texpar CNO process oils are a new generation of Group II-based process oils. They offer extremely low sulphur, nitrogen and aromatic content and are designed to provide good thermal and oxidation stability.

  • Way Lubricant® X

    Way Lubricant X is an efficient performance machine tool slideway lubricant, formulated with highly refined mineral base oils, friction modifiers, extreme pressure and anti-rust additives, with tackiness agents, and corrosion inhibitors.