• Biostar® Chainbar 80

    Biostar Chainbar 80 is a proven performance environmentally acceptable chainsaw oil formulated for use in cold climates. Its non-toxic highly refined rapeseed ester base and robust tackifier formulation offer good stability in severe cold operations, in an operating window of -20°C up to +40°C.

  • Havoline® Super 2T-SX

    Havoline Super 2T-SX is a proven performance low-ash synthetic two-cycle engine oil, designed for use in land-based, air-cooled two-cycle engines in motorcycles, snowmobiles and chainsaws.

  • Havoline® Super 2T-X

    Havoline Super 2T-X is a proven performance two-cycle engine oil designed for use in air-cooled engines in motorcycles, snowmobiles and in chainsaws operating under mild conditions.