Environment, health & safety


A Safety Data Sheet (SDS) is available for each product listed in the Chevron Europe Product e-Guide. The SDS describes health, safety and environmental hazards and precautions for product transportation, use and disposal.

The SDS also includes first aid, and precautions for handling spills and fires. Users of products should consult the appropriate SDS, follow the precautions outlined, and comply with all laws and regulations concerning the product’s use and disposal.

Food industry applications

No Chevron product should be used or recommended for sale to be added as an intended part of any food, feed or drink except where Chevron deems such use safe and where an applicable government standard exists and the Chevron product and its proposed use meet all of the requirements of that standard.

Potable water systems

Rust preventives, such as Rust Proof Compound, and adhesive gear compounds, must not be used when drilling for potable water, operating potable water systems or on the inside of potable water tanks.

Compressors for breathing air systems

No Chevron products are recommended for oil-lubricated reciprocating compressors supplying breathing air directly to humans.

In compressors where there is no oil in the cylinder, or where no oil carryover in the air can occur, Chevron lubricants can be recommended for the compressor in the normal manner.

Also, Chevron does not recommend the use of any of its products as filter oils for air conditioning units.

Polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB)

Chevron products are manufactured from virgin crude and, therefore, do not contain PCB.

Aromatic extract oils

Aromatic extract oils are intended for use as rubber extender oils. Any other applications of these products warrant comprehensive health risk assessment prior to sale.